What’s The Key?

What’s the Key and finding the secret behind that key is almost the same, you know? Just that I do not intend to confuse, one is actually more important than the other, ‘Secret behind the key’


You know one thing i love about fishermen, it’s their resilience to always work.


Every work has its own stress,  most of which we have to bargain and negotiate. The ones with the better negotiating skill are the ones to in fact by statistics have been pulled out to survive best with its daily business exposures of negotiations.

The responsibility of owning a boat and being proud to call yourself a fisherman is one thing, the resilience part to go for days on the water, and try to catch even more than you did within days and month before is an aggression to being better than your old days.


Don’t get me wrong, i respect the risk of every other profession, just this once i am watching from all areas of life casting my thought to them, to appreciate whole heartedly what they do . The deep waters profession.. Marine’s are experts, those ones have a study of the seas and know where to reach to, but fishing is a different ball game.


When i refer to this ‘fishing’, i am using this as a form of survival for those who take it up as a profession and not for those who take it as a game or friends get together.


Sometimes their hands are tight when he gets to a spot and sees the government wishes to sand fill it,  such area belongs now to the government they should face other water area around, the land belongs to the Government. He has no worries or struggle with other fishermen: No water is his, or can he claim right to own a spot unlike other profession that knows his office and can sue for wrongful entry or breakage or to make profit out of it, without their consent. His affair on the sea is a do or starve affair. After loads of stroke, mental capacity of hoping he will be better than the days before on sea (after bad days of catching little fish  or unconsciously moving to a new dangerous zone may stand as other bits of worry he has to face) Recognizing his trial to lure fish into the net is an area of expertize that he should not miss.  Flagging, manueovring, manipulating and patiently waiting for the fish that will fall into that trap. Sometimes by means of calculations and trying different directions, he could settle for nothing less than 5 hours if he is lucky to get early. These fin marines (fishes) are smart enough not to go straight for the traps, but of course I will not openly campaign for all (fishes) in being smart.


He (Fisherman) does not know how to study the stocks, prepare for presentation in any human form, know the value and market risk from technology but can only do that via weather calculations which sometimes is a gamble.  He has a brian but fish alone should he think like, and he must not rest until he has a net full of them.

Judging from the most frequent time I see them from the bridge on island watching some early risers and on way back some others when they set out with the sun down one cannot think but have special interest in watching them in awe in their work: stormy or rainy days especially if he is  deep in the sea, has an occupationalol hazard (though I believe there would be measures for it) but what of if he gets lost at sea: for trying a new pathline or  worse food goes out earlier than planned.


I am not a fisherman, Or planning to be one,  though true during the course of reading you might have equated your struggles daily to that of a fisherman even more tougher, but then as I said just in effortlessly to think this once about the fisherman.

Landing back on one’s feet and heading back to work is ‘Brave’ but then you have learnt a lesson off to avoid or take caution in that particular situation but get a hint from the Fisherman’s story.

It is the way great men land back too their feet after struggle of failure is the secret to the key : resilience, but if you keep your mindset just as a fisherman, with the intention of catching bigger fish then i think my friend you are on your way to success. Resilience is the key to continue trying.

It’s tough but you all must head out

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