What Is Your Worth?


Nothing in life is worth fighting for.


Your best clothes is someone’s rag.


Your account balance is someone’s donation at a function.


Your girl friend/boy friend or fiance/fiancee’ is someone’s Ex.


Every single prostitute you see in a hotel or on the street at night was at some point in time a virgin.


So what is the squabble all about?


Life is too short and small to feel bigger or better than anybody.

“We’re all naked to death” says Steve Jobs.

 “Nothing can save us from it”.

I hate to see people who brag about wealth, beauty, intelligence, level of education, fame and material possessions.

There’s nothing you’ve achieved in life that no one else has never gotten.

The office you occupy today was occupied by someone yesterday and will be occupied by another person tomorrow.

You don’t know whom that person might be.


Always remember that the people you trampled upon on your way up a ladder will be the same set of people you’re likely to pass on your way down.

So cause no problem for others or make life unbearable for another by virtue of your position because if you do, they’ll become your very problem one day.

Even banana stems will one day become dried leaves.

Dear friend don’t be scared to stand out! Stand tall but most importantly why get scared on things you can overcome and why look down on people you do not know what might become of them tomorrow, but again I ask, what is your worth?

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