This Time on Friday (TTF)

To most people Friday is just a day before weekend but after this Friday…it was never the same. A different glee for those who had the intention to step out


With all honesty I wasn’t happy to be making another trip to the store. For the previous 4 weeks, Β my wife and I had been trying to get a refund for a bad refrigerator.

As I spoke with the manager (again with loads of frustration and strain in my voice) I wondered if we were ever going to get our money back, but as they say pessimistic people live longer, so I tried to embrace the fear of believing it were going to be back soon.


My wife hurried me up. She never wanted to miss her Friday meetings, Β I took her over and then headed back to the store, to see if my plight will be resolved that day… But I did one thing that I wouldn’t have naturally thought I would do, Β or let’s say I had the intention to spoil myself that afternoon, so I drove over to the fine restaurant just opened.

I can predict the frown off my wife’s face when I tell her I checked in for a quick snack without going there together, we were pretty close and other than work and places relating to work this was the first time after 15 years that I decided to take a little sight seeing on my own. Right she must be having a great time with the girls.


I sat at a corner and brought my “mini sketch book” out. I was an architect, so in a way it wasn’t surprising to see me take about in my pocket a sketch book, but this time I needed a clear head to draw


So maybe it had something to do with work but It wasn’t an order I felt like doing something on my own.


My chair hubbled almost knocking me down with the way a man carelessly wrestled beside me. If it didn’t define the term “wickedness” then what could it have been?For someone to intentionally want to knock you off a chair and care less as if it was a mistake.


A loud noise boomed up the air, then two others…. I wasn’t so sure if I was counting after that but a hit on the head after that created the humble part of me as I fell flat… Dizzy a bit as all I remembered was hands running over me and continuous shots up till it got blur.


Probably out…


Turning after a disorganized arena , something felt hard by my left hand, as I struggled to stand. My hand hitting the hand, to make out of confusion that it happened to be a pistol only after my hands were in control of it, from the contact it made close to my eye. Unsure of what was happening considering that my head hurting with the slam it paved way for when as I fell to the floor.

A chain pulled on at my hand and till this moment of writing, I still can’t break the silence of what happened that Friday… House arrest would just be the thing but in my country there is no such thing like that. I heard my brother told the neighbours I was out of the country. If I were to face that lie, the question is when would I be released to go home?


I would like to go through my story again but then I wouldn’t want to remember



A hiss of that earlier on Friday would have probably not been the best line to have replied my wife with when she picked up the youth slang.


Am I making sense or you are not the person I’m to relate the take to?


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