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The break  is almost here and I am sure you are excited that home awaits. You can’t wait to see your parents and hang out with your friends. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of home-made food or maybe you just want to rest after all OAU can be very stressful. Whatever the case may be, you can’t wait to go home and have a fun break and then come back to school looking amazing. However, if you look at it from another perspective: why exactly do people go home? What do they do at home to add to their own personal development? What if, instead of going home throughout your break, you use the opportunity to invest in yourself and learn things that you won’t be taught in school?
There are a lot of opportunities around but as a result of lectures and exam sometimes these opportunities slip away and semester into semester you remain the same individual with no personal growth in your life. Some opportunities however are present during the break, but instead you go home hence missing any opportunities available throughout the academic year. Year into year rolls by and there is no development of new skills, no innovation, and no creativity. Instead of going home, you can stay back in school and tap into the infinite resources available here on campus, learn as much as you can and create new things.

Let’s transform that idea

There are lots of opportunities to learn and gain work experiences during the breaks. Skills such as Graphics designs, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship Workshop, Project Management and various other skills can be acquired at relatively affordable prices, acquiring these skills prepare you for ‘Life-After-School’ and makes you more relevant than your counterparts later on in the corporate or business world.

Beautifully, I am glad to inform you about an upcoming Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship called Business Boot Camp (BBC), the training is a 20-day intensive and practical training on entrepreneurship, where 20 business experts will teach and mentor participants on strategic topics such as Studentpreneurship, Marketing, Branding, Business Plan Writing, Business Idea Pitching, Customers Relations Management, Digital Marketing, Business Startup, Human Resource Management, Business Scaling, Investment and Business Grants and Sponsorship, through 20 sessions all these topics will be thoroughly addressed.

Journey starts today

Apart from a comfortable learning atmosphere, a platform for direct mentorship and networking with the instructors. There is a side attraction to win a free business trip and a sum of #50,000 for the best group with the best business idea.
So, why don’t you make this break an exception and join us at BBC from September 11th to 30th of September, 2018. Register with: 08066358735, 08181742758, 08167205099. We look forward to having you around… Get Relevant!

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