SNACKY: Dukas Sweetz A Go To For A Major Snack Time In

SNACKY: Dukas Sweetz a go to for a major snack time in

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Dukas Sweetz: Pancake, waffles and smoothies

Friendship and a good snack is anything my friends and I would always love to share moments with.


A strong bond of friendship is one that values everything including the tiniest things you do together. One secret bond within my friend circle is Dukas sweetz, where we have ordered and served to us in a fast delivering system is a major rewarding smoothies, pancakes and waffles time. It has always been the best for us all time long: hangouts, in hunger days, meetings time, picnic,  excess money or low income time (it’s pocket friendly price always saved) craving sweet times,  weekend laziness …Well I think you understand the drill, this simple prepared snacks is always there to balance out our days.

You can order chicken alongside 😘

Dukas sweetz is a fast rising pastry business in Ile-Ife Osun state managed by Beulah Dukanwojo Suleman a 400L, Social Studies studies student in Obafemi Awolowo University. The whole idea of Dukas Sweetz is to remind the world again what it means to have fast pastry prepared for your satisfaction and bringing in that traditional breakfast and beverage to what the whole gang will love.


If you love sweet things or pretty much a tip of a great treat consider Dukas Sweetz for order:


_Pancakes (#100) per pack_


_Waffles (#150) per pack_


_Smoothies (#200) per cup


All you need to do is pre order via a call : ☎ 08060276785 which would be available within 30 minutes depending on your location base delivery would be an hour Max.

Smoothies available in variety: Pineapple-Apple









PANCAKES varieties include;






▪Red Velvet



Available Toppings

▪Peanut Butter




▪Strawberry Jam


▪Chocolate Chips

▪Maple Syrup

▪Chocolate Spread

▪Sliced Peaches

▪Whipped Cream.


Classic Package

2 Pancakes + 1 topping of your choice. = #100

(Pickups only)


Premium Package

4 Pancakes + 2 toppings of your choice. = #350

(Delivery Optional)


Gold Package

_8 Pancakes + Chicken & 2 toppings of your choice = #1000_

(Delivery included)


Varieties of WAFFLES includes:

Same as above. Available Toppings; Same as above.


Classic Package

2 waffles + 1 topping of your choice. = #150

(Pickups only)

Please note: For special toppings kindly give a 24 hour notice

It’s always available for pick ups: Everyday of the week.


Pickups are also available at Mercy Hostel, Maintenance,Ile – Ife.


(It is the solution to those meeting, birthday party, picnic hangout, snack time craving panic anytime.)
(Temporarily available now alone in Osun state, Nigeria for order but you can order for a large quantity delivered at a reduced price range outside Osun state)

Personally I enjoy them served as breakfast or desserts with lots of toppings, yes..   with those excessively dripping thick chocolate soaked topping all staring a great deal for my mouth to handle within filling seconds.

I feel my pores refreshing at the thoughts of this.


But in all you know what I love most about this, apart from all its awesome thoughts of sweetness even before it gets to my mouth is that, it’s always best enjoyed with friends.



From the girl that loves sweet things. Think and order from Dukas Sweetz.

Feel free to send a message to whatsapp number if you want to publicise or post your work: 09059434377

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