Smile: My Name Is Smile



Sometimes, there is pain within my look

But I always tell a different story

Even when tears come rolling down the chin

I apparently struggle kipping the face affirm

I am a cloth worn at sunshine and rain

I am easy to get but difficult to earn

A piece of me attracts blossom of many colours

Oh, I wish you can see me in the mirror and call me magnificent

In labour room after a child is born into this world

At graduation after pressure of years is lifted

In hallway, at store, in the cinema; I am everywhere

But I am worn wrongly by scorners and crooks

Still I will rejoice because those who have me, enjoy eminence

They possess a gift they do not give their life for

When you need me, call me, I promise to be there

My name is SMILE

-Kelvin Adeniyi


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