Sam and Ben Tollison

Colorado twin brothers Sam and Ben Tollison founded their own company “A monster to love” around Christmas 2011 to comfort refugee children forced from their homes with some helps from their dad.

“Many of our children have been ripped from their home with no notice, no explanation and no comfort. When we first saw the Monsters, we knew they were the perfect gift for our children, not only do they give the child something to hold on to during a time of uncertainty, but the Monsters light the imagination inside of them, empowering them, if only for a moment, to feel like a child again.”

Ben designs the stuffed monsters, and Sam sews them. 

Each time someone buys one of these handmade monsters, it’s fraternal “twin” is sent to a refugee child.

Sam and Ben Tollison created A Monster to Love out of concern for the refugee children their father, Ray, helps resettle through the organization World Relief. In their company’s first four months of existence alone: Sam, Ben and brought has brought joy to over 100 children in need of comfort and security by giving them their very own monsters to love.

“We give a monster to a child in need,”

Reads the boy’s website. Someday the brothers hope to have their own monster shop and factory.

More info:

“In this December mood, how do you plan to share your love around, outside the people  you know or have had direct contact with through the years?”- Dedamola

A merry Christmas in advance to you all and a love sharing new year ahead. Much love 😘

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