Resilience: Check this out

Resilience: Check this out

Let’s say this

Apparently as a content developer i get to place in several write ups unlimited and here is one lovely piece of prayer I got to learn from a movie.

Literally, out of everything within the movie i’m sorry to mention, however this had to simply be the entire movie based on relevancy, although I give much credit to the fact that writing a story is not easy script or even a 2,000 word article but then again fast forwarding to the end, from the irrelevancy of the tour I could not understand why I had to engage in with the actors for close to an hour, here is one amazing prayer and piece of resilience I took out from it:
God make me an instrument of peace

Where there’s hate, let Me settle odds

Where there’s injury – Pardon

Where there’s doubt – faith

Where there’s despair – hope

Where there’s darkness – light

Where there’s unhappiness – joy

Where there’s in provided that we have a tendency to receive and there’s in pardoning that we be pardoned

And wherever there’s dying that we’ve won to eternal lifes. Amen

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