We all face negative events in our lives, we can’t always avoid them, but we can CONTROL how we respond to them.

Robin Roberts

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts is the embodiment of resilence.

She broke ground early in her career as the first black female sportscaster on ESPN, but it has been her personal struggles that have truly reasonated with viewers.


Following her father’s sudden death, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, uprooting her family. A battle with breast cancer, the loss of her mother, and MDS – a life-threatening blood and bone marrow disease – followed. Despite these obstacles, Roberts maintains she is “so abundantly blessed”

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Robin Roberts chose to use the challenges she faced for the greater good. She went public with her health problems to inspire and encourage others, as well as raise awareness, funds and bone marrow donations to combat these diseases. Her bravery and grace earned her the Authur Ashe Courage Award in 2013.

“I look at the struggles and adversity as things that make me stronger”


Important – No matter the hardship or hardest moment you think you are going through, one important thing to do to savage the moment is use it for a greater benefit, and stay positive always.

In all, Roberts maintains she is “so abundantly blessed”

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