Pain: Forgive Me


I am not denying that I possess some blain of bad reputation

But I have swallowed my pride to make better retribution

I really want to understand why the door to make amend is shut

Yes I am weaker than the volt you expect, maybe my sorry is short

I have convinced myself several times that it was all for good and not snort

But who am I to decide the feeling you project after all the imaginable hurt

Days are flying by, weeks rolling down and I cannot imagine the excess fault

But as a man I have decided to own up, allowing myself feel the taunt

But even if a million stones are brought together to build back the bridge

Your choler will only put it at risk of ending as just an ordinary ridge

I am not that person you always imagine but at least I am breathing

I have tried settling for the dreams but it is just walling and shredding

No excuse can stand in gap for the hollow I created

I should have left it at the good friend you created

I should kept my ox with load and out of yokes that are bated

But I guess I am nothing but a fool, there is nothing to be debated

You still have not told yourself the truth, shaking my head

I am not good a person, I accept; I am done rattling my shed

All I can do is swallow my pride with ashes over me and spread it all out

I apologise that I am not who you wanted me to be, both in and out

I wish words can express it, but all I can say is I am sorry

-Kelvin Adeniyi




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