Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles

Maja’s story, maja-kazazic  is always inspiring and it’s just the best pointer to discuss “overcoming obstacles.”


Obstacles. Challenges. Murphy’s law. They are just all a part of our lives. One thing that we can count on, no matter what we are doing…whether it’s raising a child, working, running a company, or just trying to live our life, we can count on coming across obstacles. And sadly during this time is when most people give up. It becomes overwhelming. It becomes too much. And the more obstacles we face, the harder it seems to move forward and overcome them. This puts us in a state where we just don’t want to do anything. It’s safer to stay still and not rock the boat. Not move forward, because if we stay still, maybe we can avoid facing challenges and obstacles.



But life has a way of working out that – no matter what – we end up facing them. So we better be prepared

And who better to get you ready for any obstacle and challenge than a genocide survivor! Having lived through genocide, while surrounded by two armies, without any food, water, electricity, or outside contact, Maja learned how to survive. And after getting injured and losing her leg Maja had a whole new list of obstacles to contend with. From having to re-learn how to walk again, having over 100 surgeries, figuring out how to bring her parents to USA. Even though when Maja left Bosnia she only had 3 things in her possession — t-shirt she was wearing, rock (a memento from home), and a teddy bear she used for pain. Maja found a way finish college and start her own company.

Needless to say – with everything she did Maja faced multitude of challenges and obstacles. But not only was she able to overcome those challenges, she strived. When she started her company, within one month she landed her first client,  a $150,000 yearly retainer. Even though she had to re-learn how to walk and run, she ran a 5K marathon, plays golf, tennis, racquetball, and windsurfs.


Culled from majakazazic

Maja Kazazic

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