It was a tiring day, after an extremely long day at desk, pepping in from cubicle to cubicle to ask concerning some documents or the other. It was my duty to work hard daily. I guess the “I manage stress well” on CV had something to do with my work. The jokes by fellow workers were always what Β made my day.


That was not the only thing i was involved in. I was basically quite involved with a couple of other things to keep me financially stable, well God help my worries and hustle on those things. Back to my story, i had set and carried my big almost worn out satchel across my shoulder, claiming in my mind to be the man i wanted to be. Did i have everything under control, NO, but my remaining sanity was enough to lead me on to the length of time.


Approaching the bus stop, i saw a almost ragged man sitting at the corner of the road. His alms bowl in his front, and then again the human spirit creeped on me, as i headed to drop something off for him, but on getting close, a smoke smell kept me off balance.


Any burning item close by i thought to myself, knowing how quick my nose gives to all perceiving sense.

A closer attention, gave a little shock in my body, noticing the smoke came from the man’s mouth. He happened to be a great smoker noticing the rings that circled the air with fun.


I said i was glad to be sane, but i didn’t say i was totally sane, i rushed to the man’s front, picked up all the crisp note and took off to give another deserving begger. It was not by choice they got to where they are, but you make decisions bychoice on where you want to get to in life.


Lessons learnt in a hard way!

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Keep it simple

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