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Have you observed that music plays a big part in the world today… Are you observing or just yet to observe..?

From the times of beginning till this very moment. We hear those from the 60’s tell the 70’s or 80’s that the song they played in their generation wasn’t half as awesome has the ones the musicians were singing.


We compare the early 2000 songs to the recent ones…


We remember and gather family together playing all kinds of songs to soothe the family meeting .


Most often when we go out to parties. The fun isn’t just about the food or the people we meet there. Long hours would be dedicated to the DJ’s time… Dancing through as he scratches and makes every where a fun cartel.


Musicians have been amazing through time and still till now. Of recent (not that it hasn’t been recognized before) but band players too have risen and have began performing well… Mixing lyrically all songs musicians have sang and get the people dancing.


In all occasions, either for worship, soothing moods, ignite a calm surrounding, heaving off burden from your mind, Just the sole passion of having noise around you  “Music” has been the answer to the problem.


We only wonder what it would be like if there wasn’t those beautiful songs to reminisce on or those we call the crazy kind of songs in the air to jest about.


Music is a metaphor of beauty and we more than often don’t get to appreciate those who make them live. It’s creativity and passion… It’s life.


Music again is life!


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