Mary’s Christmas


I literally slept by the window slit half way through the night.

I remember sleeping off in the living room on the ‘three-seater’, wrapping my legs up, away from hitting my brother, who was ready to tickle out of me. I guess that was the only talent he had, except from his handsome look ‘if that was even a thing’.

Well… I was something. A six year old girl, who wanted to stay awake all night, or at least be up half through it, from the hours of 12:00am – 4:30am, but I kept finding myself in the war off being carried back into my room by my mum, and I battled back myself,  by crawling back to the window side.

I wanted to see what my cousin said she saw on the Eve of Christmas, the man who had a red cape on and was trying to enter through the back door of her neighbour’s house. Whether she was lying or not, I had to see myself and with a collection of Christmas story books through the year, I think I could handle the situation myself to know all about white Christmas, and be sure this guy in red suit was also white bearded would love to scream, ‘HO! HO! HO!” while he jumped down into people’s Chimney…

*Stopping to think* if I read that well… he was always described and pictured as a fat person, I wondered how he did that..

“Mary, what again are you doing by the window?” I heard my mummy whine faintly. The war wasn’t over, and I didn’t even have a clue on how to tell the time. My teacher hadn’t thought me that yet.

“Waiting for Santa” I finally said, trying to look into her eye.

“One minute” she said and disappeared into the kitchen only to come out with a park of milk in a tray and cookie jar.

“Here is to him when he comes” she smiled, putting a blanket on me and then a peck to keep through the rest of the night.

I yawned, tapping my fingers at the tip of the window humming some Christmas songs… ‘Silent night,’ ‘Away in the Manager, ‘ ‘Joy to the World’, ‘Santa is coming to Town’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and others, scared that if there was light in the room or having the TV on, the man would be scared to come in, so I had to keep myself awake and in the spirit of Christmas singing these songs.

I kept my head under my blanket and played the ‘off and on’ with the torch light. Only for me to realize, that wasn’t working, I was dozing of quite comfortably, especially with the soft pillow above my head. It wasn’t much of a good idea I thought to myself, sitting up and began counting the decorations on the street. I got to say, people are very creative. “Whoever was going to get the best Christmas Decoration?’ well, if the neighbours thought that to be something to also add to their Christmas celebration. I would suggest that.

Something fell from the kitchen.

I ran through immediately, picking my torchlight and then running back to pick two cookies from the jar, (just in case it is Santa, I would give him one and eat the other.)

“O Macrew” I screamed, “Stop being a bad cat”, I sighed with a little relief. What of if it was actually something I couldn’t handle. Rubbing his back softly, watching as he gleefully followed me to the living room.

This had better not be a bad idea like any of those my other fantasy ones. Keeping some cookies in my mouth to keep me busy.



“Merry Christmas” A big bang hit the door.

I ran in time to see what it was…. And low and below… it was the friendly street neighbours alongside my family… all dressed hugging and greeting each other. It was morning already, my head buzzed alarmingly as different thoughts came through..

I had slept off!

I ran back to the window to check the cookies, I just had one cookie left, and the milk was almost turned out, “Could Santa be that thirsty and hungry?” I thought to myself, only to be rebutted by the belch of Macrew.

“You drank the milk” I squeaked, running to the Christmas tree, as some gifts were recently arranged, searching for the right one, then I saw two gifts tagged in my name, but I reached for the one with a note.

“Dear Mary,

Thank you for staying all night for me. I was too full to eat up anything, plus I guessed Macrew needed more of the milk than I did.

You have been a wonderful girl throughout this year, that’s why I decided to give you a red diary, to write all of the adventures you would be having soon when you clock 7. It’s a big year ahead, and I would want to hear about always.

Love from:

Dad … no Santa, just kidding, but you wouldn’t mind if the white beard man is your dad right?

Ho! HO! HO!

Cherry Christmas to you Mary!”

I was going to run to the door to show everyone the gift, just in time to hear the last scrap of the conversation my dad and brother were having behind the door.

“Do you think we should tell her about that gift Daddy?”

“No, let it be on record that Santa gave it to her, plus I would love to find out all of her trouble” dad replied with a hysteric laugh.

Knock! Knock! A familiar voice came through singing rather than actually knocking the door…..

“Grandma…” the whole house shouted, as I tugged my way through the forming crowd to hug her… she always had the right gift for me every Christmas, but who cares, I loved my family, and then I believe one day, Santa would come for me, or maybe it was truly from Santa..

“Would you love to do the family an honour of playing the Piano for Christmas Mary?” Dad gave a huge smile at me. He was well built, huge stomach; he could have a red suit and a long white beard in his closet … what of if my dad is Santa?

With the speed of light I ran to the Piano, just the perfect way to start the Christmas… and off I began playing various Christmas songs… I have improved with my Piano lessons…

O hi dear! Merry Christmas friends, I think this Christmas is going to be an awesome one, some friends and family from the street came through to the door and joined in the Christmas joy, bringing more gifts drinks and food…

I always had faith in Christmas!

{December 25, 1987. 08:00am, written from Mary’s Diary.}

Merry Christmas family again! From Dedamola


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