Maja Kazazic

MAJA KAZAZIC: An Inspirational Hero


One story One World.


“My life has helped me realize and understand the power of people. When we pull together we can make anything happen – even world peace.  We are all connected, our lives overlap, our stories are interwined, and our dates shared.”



Growing up in Bosnia, Maja Kazazic was 16 when she fell victim to the war ravaging her country in the 1990s. Losing her leg to a motor shell rocket grenade,  Kazazic nearly died from her injuries before being relocated to the U.S for treatment and, eventually a prosthetic leg – made by the same company that created a new tail for Winter the Dolphin of Dolphin Tale Fame! Kazazic moved to Florida, and decided to impact the world with her website development company and website, One story One World, which shares the iconic story of heroes regularly.

Maja Kazazic gratitude went out to friends,  including the veterans for peace members who raised money to move her from Bosnia to the small town of Cumberland, Maryland.


Kazazic now helps other amputees – children and adults to realize they too can overcome any challenge.


“Everyone gave me what they could, and together it formed a quilt of support that kept me going in those early difficult months,”

Maja remembers about coming to the U.S. Who provides your “quilt of support?” How can you thank these people?


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