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Let us connect

Hi you,

How has been the year so far? Has it been going as planned, better or probably hoping it will get better? (don’t be downcast greater things will spurn soon, maybe not as fast as you expect but then slowly could be better: obstacles or slow elements happen, but it is what you make out of it that gives in the difference; to know who you can trust, work with or avoid and learn from other people’s mistakes before its your fast pace turn)

Either way, on a much more brighter horizon there is nothing too painful as of any business owner who does not know how to handle its business effective.


Everyone one way or the other have a business they handle and over a million others in the world handle that same business just like them. Yup!

So what makes some different, the Coco Channel, Nike, Dwanye Johnson, the TRUMP policy and over popularity, Beyonce, Messi and pitching from every field in different
profession, it is all about the easy to guess word “Branding”

In branding your business, you effectively select the best way to uniquely put your product or service in a way that it will look undeniably preferably to a host of other similar works.

I will always pick a branded service over every other business, and i think i am speaking on behalf of host of others, which has nothing to do with logo. On a loose scale between an attractive displayed layer of milk can arranged creatively in compare to a bigger shop that casually in the usual way displayed its product.

I might just go to the small shop. There is something unique in the creative small kiosk than the bigger shop.. And what is it?






But then a whole lot of factor this small business pointedly had, that you did not notice the dot in the article.


Let us connect on  09059434377 or simply mail at Adedamola.Oladapo@gmail. Besides i did something important in this article on branding ‘on my branding’ who can guess, you might just win a free branding from me.



Talk to you soon!



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