Journey Across The Road


I had just crossed the road to the other side; standing a stone throw from an Hausa man (I assume) he gave a stern look at me probably because of the funny way I carried my satchel I cant say but he crossed almost immediately.


I walked a bit ahead and then made a turn, a kid was following me. How cute! Just when I thought I should give a friendly smile at her, a smug face from her’s scared off the joy on mine with immediate embarrassment. Totally feeling weird for wanting to act nice!


Doubling my steps in order to forget the girl ( but I was wrong) I turned left – so did my companion, I turned right, O dear! She did likewise. I made way to cross to the other side, the shadow did too. Huh?!


Making way for safety: Action speaks louder than voice. I ran to a close by shop scared she could be with an explosive. Then she did too ( running in that same pace to the shop.) I’m in trouble…..


“Mum he said he will bring the dresses to the shop next week” she addressed a woman in her late fifties. She had all along been coming to this shop! My brain calculated slowly. Obviously still in shock of still wanting to believe this might still be her act up in following me.


“What do you want to buy sir?” The woman turned to me. I stared blankly at the items on the table in my front and in reflex pointed to one. All the money I had just received as salary went like that.


Where would I begin this story from to my debtors?


Inspired: By an Hausa man / Fulani man I saw across the road


Music spur

I Dared To Call Father

Mary’s Christmas

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