Happy International Women’s Day

Folk song,

“Why did you come o girl?

When we wished for a boy?

Take the jar and fill it from the sea

May you fall in to it and drown”



Gone were the days women were looked down at. They were objects of ridicule, blurred out from recognition in the society from everywhere: EVERYWHERE not invited to gathering, unwanted where important people were speaking, not expected to be seen in public areas where men were massaging their ego’s as being the bread winners, unrecognized in important decisions, can’t vote, less endowed with talent, poor, uneducated, survival skill ‘0’. NONE were said to be her area of expertise, other than in the kitchen and child bearing.


Was it not a little obvious when we heard in those days? ‘She would have made the dinner earlier but she is weak and really vulnerable now.

‘Having a child was termed to be their achievements and being pregnant was a way men thought they could make them vulnerable.’


All thanks to the powerful women that fought their way through in the society, hitting from all corners of the earth Mother Teresa, The Osu women, Funmi Ransom Kuti .. We are not using this day to talk about history but celebrating life and existence of freedom in the society for women.


That female in your life (Mother, friend, sister, girl friend, wife… She needs to be celebrated, not just today but always, no matter how little, it shows respect. A simple text of

‘Thank you for being strong’

Is enough and could go a long way. The world today celebrates women wherever they are (struggling, forging ahead for a better version of who they are, finding their dreams or making great success.) The world adores you everyday and celebrates you today. Women do not have anything to fear to hide in the closet and hold their pride. Though ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH that is why everyone has their part to play to always respect women, but today: March 8 you are recognized globally … Cheers to all you have done and endured as a woman. 

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