You know what Mrs. Claus didn’t like,  she hated when Mr. Claus was all so worked up, and Mr. Claus: Santa just had less than 18 hours remaining to round up at the North Pole down to the exit palace, to give the “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas” whispering, throwing gifts and sprinkling some kind of special magic of happiness around . So even if you are off the gift row, it doesn’t matter, happiness during the season is what does.

Back to the moment:

Mrs. Claus definitely wasn’t liking Mr. Claus mood, he was worked up, trying to put up a happy face and despite the fact that he tried to make everything that happens at work stay at work, his Elves were not so good at their end in keeping secrets. Mrs. Claus always got to know and found a way to smooth things out, but now, things were out of her control, she just had to believe in Santa to make his power rise with Christmas miracle.

Some countries, take for instance Nigeria were giving him trouble for many reasons

1. For the first reason they were not happy

2. Massive complain about the economy

“But when there is Life, there should be happiness” Santa threw his hands in the air, “what happened to the joy that comes with reunion of family and friends, after a long year of separation”

3. Hardly were there fire crackers or bangers noise in the air for children even non participant to giggle or count with joy

4. No decorations around the place or house… In a street, Just 2 admsit 87 others had decorations in it

5. Some kids other than the ones in boarding house returned from school to stay with the family

6. In as much as Santa hated animal enslavement he had to also note that, goats were hardly tied to a pole

7. Uncles and Aunts weren’t gifting out much to kids when they went visiting  in fact they held on to their visit, they shouted, “no fuel” to drive down..

8. Children were not even feeling it..  Even adult, one said,  “I feel Christmas is just a scam for parents to pay their kids exhorbitant prices to somethings they wouldn’t rather pay on other festive times”.

He even compared some National holiday to Christmas… That was the peek of degradation. Now that’s the beginning of his trouble.

Gnaty the troublesome Elve just kept something on for the world to talk about against Santa. He had kept deleting by mistake one country after the other, on Santa’s list which explains why Santa doesn’t visit some states and it of course reduced the believe In Santa. His powers were reducing, which was something amidst the least of others to worry about.

How could Santa work?

Earlier during practice yesterday afternoon, one of the Reindeers had a terrible fall. He was the ring head at the front left… A key Reindeer in his trip tomorrow, and it was not a two day job to train another Reindeer on such a powerful position in flight, more so it had to come from a particular Reindeer family.

A mail came in to Santa’s workshop indicating that the system got corrupted and it was gone to reboot and corrected in 3 hours time itself but that meant everything involving the machines would stop working, and the Elves, would work manually.

It was while working manually following Santa’s list, they got to discover Gnaty’s deeds with the incomplete one…. And over 4 countries…  “5” Santa stamped with a Big sigh of depress.

We thought that was the least, till Mrs. Claus came around to give one last check on Santa’s suit fitting him.

His sleepless nights for 3 days, though I caught him dozing on two occasions at the back of his chair. Well in all,  he had the “stress weight” on…  His body a bit swollen and a Santa miracle at this time wouldn’t even have been his stomach to go a little down, we needed everything to go down.

“Christmas is ruined” Gnaty cried but after receiving a whole lot of candy throws on him and screams, he knew better how to find a way out of trouble for sometime. We hoped!

” Stay still while I make you a new suit in time” Mrs. Claus tried to sound cheery, while measuring Santa who grumbled and snorted all through time, “Is it difficult to just hold just a day job on the 25th of December. To deliver gifts and happiness to the world without being seen and then return for a happy party here at the North Pole”

Alas! We all have to brace in to whatever obstacle that comes our way. Nothing had ever gone smoothly earlier during the weeks for Christmas but in the end there was a good delivery of things, but then Santa decided to drop a note to the world

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Cheers to you all,and a merry Christmas in advance.

Mrs. Claus, the Elves, Reindeer’s and the whole of North Pole sends their greetings. It’s freezing here. I trust you all have been having a wonderful year so far, or are adjusting to make it worthwhile?

In as much as I have a lot to write but just little time on my side before Mrs. Claus finds out that I am not napping at this time, it is always a good time for us to celebrate this time of the year and I likewise celebrate you.

Thank you so much for having faith in this season. Thank you for making others happy. Thank you for staying all so naughty and then turn good at the end, but I don’t like naughty kids, I see all you do, what you say, but in all, I am super proud of you all.

Despite the economy or whatever happening in your country,or surrounding. Don’t be sober. Everyone has his/her happy or down time but one secret I have for you is try to do something that makes you happy all the time.

I am always happy here. Not because I am Santa, but because of life, and I have faith in you overcoming the season with joy.

Wait for your Christmas miracle, something good is coming soon to you. I hear Mrs.Claus come, would find a way to talk to you soon. 25th is on its way, and all I want from you is to be happy. Sing the Christmas songs and hume happy tunes. Would perform my Christmas routines but the only job you can do to make this real, is to believe once more in the Christmas spirit and make yourself happy. I have to roll up soon and tuck the blanket on…

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas

From: Santa


Delivered from NorthPole 🎄

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