Essential secret ways to improve appearance

How to improve on your appearance?


Its more than just the cloth, hair, cute face or personality you have on, everything together is a winner!

Cool you dress well, but don’t have the swags…. ?

You have the personality of influence and you simply just don’t care about your dressing

You are the most envied person with the hairdo/ hair cut style and you have nothing to show for facials or a right attitude to attract persons then I think its best you give in a time to think about matching all.

a) Good creams

Good cream doesn’t mean bleaching cream or extremely expensive ones. Good cream means cream that goes with your skin. If you have a dry skin opt for moisturizing creams, oily skin try and stick with creams that can help. Those with good skin, use creams to brighten and improve your skim efficiency.


If you are toning, I believe you know the creams that can go with your skin without giving trouble at a further date.


b) Eat balanced diet

You are wondering if this really needs to come in, in fashion?

Yes it does, it has a huge impact on your skin, your hair radiating, and beauty. Lend to blend in good foods all the time.


PS: Good ones doesn’t necessary need to be designers particularly, but if you have …. O yeah! Nice one, but that doesn’t mean those without designers shouldn’t invest into getting good designers one. You invest in everything you do to look your best


c) Put on an admiring personality

Just like the way one likes the particular way someone dances a particular dance, because of the attitude or uniqueness the person wishes to portray to the world.



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