You know what is special about the season other than just the norm of people going around to pick coloured eggs from an open field that an Easter Bunny hatched around, it’s the way my family makes a big deal out of it.

I remember while I was younger, my role just as every other 3 -10 year old kid was to pick around the coloured egg. I felt it was fun doing all of that, but when I got to 9 years… Myself and cousin D, formed a conspiracy theory on it… Feeling a little insulted that despite the fact that we were older why would the eggs be in open air.


The older i grew the more secrets I got to find. I found out it was coloured by the lightly older ones… The 15 year old (to I don’t know which age) but then at the end of the day, we would put them all in a basket… Snap and then at times admire and come up with different tales wondering the history behind every bunny.

I remember taking one home and keeping it on a shelve for long,

“What do you aim to achieve? ” my aunt asked on a visiting day to my house,

“waiting for the hatch day” I had just clocked 12, one would have thought I should be wiser but then having just watched some tale made up story that the power of the bunny will be reduced If we doubt it.

To cut my rambling through… Older and believing I’m smarter now. I just got to know what Easter meant from the preaching today at Church. Easter was a celebration of a risen Christ, having a significant history in the Christian Calendar when Christ said after the third day of his death he will rise.


Opening the door of the family house a bit, I saw the little ones run around the front yard… Yepping joyfully has they helped Easter bunny find her eggs.. No questions asked when they will hand it over to the bunny? Who sees the bunny? Β And if or not the eggs will hatch… But from the way I’m seeing the fun they are having from over here… I doubt I will tell them anything.. Will let them figure it out just as I did.. Right?

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