Who is Dedamola?

Dedamola is an idea strategist, a freelancer, publicist, seasonal blogger, brand influencer and more importantly your lawyer to be.

Oladapo Adedamola in full, and in brand, she is popularly referred to as “Dedamola” owner of She horned her skill overtime with careful tread, and from her natural habitat of finding it easy to flow with everyone which has made it easy for her clients to feel comfortable with her and even take up business to friends.

To her she sees us all as a family. “There is always a connection everywhere”, she says, “I believe you all are my fam”

She is a listener, contributor, gives ears to feedback, ready to learn, and towards her work she does not joke with it which shows the consistency in her work and it has overtime made her customers : clients to trust her work has being diligent.

She continues being top notch as a brand influencer and constantly still brand companies and start up businesses for people.

Dedamola recently just moved out of the multiple work of daily post to being a seasonal blogger.

Rumours has it that she is working on something really big at the moment. One of which she is not ready to spill out yet but overtime. Because this platform is not just only about Dedamola, this platform also gives us room for inspiration with inspirational personality being “Face of the month” and also peeps into what is happening in the entertainment world and random write ups.

Don’t stop to assuming that is only about Dedamola, try to open  other tabs apart from this to see more on updates around. She promises to update information on regular basis.

Reach to her on social media on dedamola_com, or mail her directly on She wouldn’t mind having a feedback from you and YES, she replies.

Season Greetings


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About Me

Something cool is popping soon... 😍😍. Idea strategist || Publicist|| Brand influencer||Chat up If you want to have your business publicized

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