Branding tips: How To Get Visibility As A Start Up Business From A Big-Brand In The Same Niche

What can a small brand go about it?

These are in line with your E activities: Your online platforms,  especially when your name is quite similar to a big brand, or basically think that if such keywords (your niche) is being searched online theirs will always appear, by virtue of their strong SEO,trust of service, consistency and relevance.

This may after all play to an advantage knowing other than working extremely consistently online you also have to implore smart strategies and it’s definitely not the time to blanket your keyword to something rare because of the fear of not getting the online influence the savvy leading niche that is dominating.

Instead, think differently about this issue.

1. Why not find an opportunity to contribute to or blog for these brands?

2. Think about the power of a guest post to capture some solid links and increase your visibility.

3. Build co-citations with your brand and theirs. Inputting their citations in theirs and having that strongly kept in your SEO whenever people search for such brands, your brand is likely to appear

4. Think lime your customers, your demography matter think what they will look for, an alternative words to what they will search, in relation to your business.

5. Contribute by means of guest posts to the top sites, this will help with the following benefits:

a. Build a trusted links from potential clients from your trusted activity from the big name site

b.  If your write up was amazing, it would assist in reiterating a memorable name for your brand.

c.  Helps with your brand awareness especially if you clearly explain your brand and what you do.

d. It will get your name and expertise in front of their audience, which is your target niche for brand recognition.

These tips would be extremely good for your online profiles, via blogs, social media pages and it’s Harshtags, In all, your general online presence, you have to be strategic.

Also, do not always forget to change all your “IMG named pictures” to a proper name. Search engines will easily be able to identify with your brand like that.

It’s always more than a pleasure pouring out my minds and sharing from research gotten from different platform. I bet you have something to add, kindly state yours, we are all learning constantly .

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