Branding: Influencer Marketing

Why we see influencing marketing taking over business.

This is the new marketing revolution, but though not new in concept.  Why has then this once-underutilized strategy gotten so much recent attention in the brand market sphere?

1. Brand distrust.

Consumers have over time developed distrust for corporate brands over the past few years, and has over time will always look for new exploitative business to explore their money in or in much wise produce such similar product themselves or rescuingly enough consumers have turned toward individuals as voices of authority instead of major corporations.

This has allowed personal brands to emerge as influencers, and drive a new generation of marketing and advertising.

Take for example using people’s daily life style to influence a brand Celebrities – Footballers, artists, public figures, Actors. It is easier to understand and get interested in their life style to influence and unconsciously retain the trust than the public “Sale policy” brand could have on ground.

2. Social power.

The sheer potential of social media marketing is astounding. Multiple platforms have access to hundreds of millions of daily active users, that allows you to gain access to this massive reservoir.

Eg YouTube influencers, twitter influencers, bloggers, bloggers, Controversial personnel,  Instagram influencers. Have you noticed that some influencers even have more followers gain than some brands?

3. Builds Authority

Followers of an influencer trust brand messages when shared by the influencer as a form of authority to trust.  Hey trust the opinions and recommendations of the influencer.

For example, an influencer with a good skin or having gone through a difficult break comes on  board to explain how a particular brand product helped stabilise or as made it easier in it’s daily activity, definitely has an unconscious influence to costumers and improve brand authority.

4. Utility.

You can utilise it to any end:  Influencer marketing can be used no matter what your core online marketing strategy is; it’s useful for building a reputation, raising brand awareness, offline integrity, creating content, distributing content, optimizing for search engines, and attraction.

For example through campaigns, special ad, even as much as just a single word or text word can be utilised to influence, all that may be needed may just be their opinion,  name or face influencing a brand.

5.  Consumer insight

Helps with consumer insight. It gives brands variety of means to try different influencers overtime according to various influencers from different field, by increasingly reaching to various interested consumers from all places.

6. Increases Brand Reach

With influencer marketing on board it is easier for brands to tap into new markets, which are otherwise not so easy to capture to gain greater exposure to their potential customers, through influencers.

A brand already made in the market for years can also use this to reach and increase. Nike Ad of recent for example

7. Influencer network.

Their networks cross through various fields: Celebrities, CEOs, fans, potential customers, political worth, influencers and other authorities to gather audiences of hundreds of thousands of people with their significant power of just being an influencer.

Their opinion always matter a lot,  have you noticed why statements or acts being made by them sometimes hold more values and controversial statements of interest than should be. How much more would then be the positive intervention of influencer marketing going to make a difference to a brand


It has been researched and estimated in statistics that from 2016 to 2017, there has been more than 325% increase in searches for the term “influencer marketing.”

An Influencer Marketing Hub study, also indicated that more than 200 new agencies have been established to specially focus on influencer marketing. The same report states that 28% of marketers found it to be the fastest method of acquiring customers and in reality,  it is perhaps the most cost-effective method of building brand awareness, and attention to a brand.

Influencing marketing is really taking over. Take a cue from politics, brand publicity, brand trust, brand style etc.

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