Brace up


Let’s discuss some amazing truth some people often ignore or let’s say are not so obvious.

So earlier this week I sat for hours in front of my laptop trying to write a content post for a client with ‘ a romantic setting’. In as much as I tried to make a broken heart character look like a con man, who was ready to dupe an innocent girl, that had fallen in love with him. I had hidden away from the plot line, painful memories of the background of the Guy. Incapable of true love at least that was what his background had hardened him to be, but now he felt he was fallen for the innocent girl but he was not ready for commitment, as he knew there was no way to fall truly in love with her, and could not see her heart broken just like his family struggles, but how could this lady from a totally different background change him? So this got me thinking and I decided to share out to know what the general public see about this. There are lots of wounded persons out there, we see our partner drift in and drift out of relationship unbalanced and wonder if ‘the village people are on his case’ but what of if we could help?!

Who is that lady or man you are dating?
Do you know his or her background?


How do we save others?

Let’s discuss, some people are really broken and are incapable of loving back. Not their fault but the question is HOW DO WE HELP?!


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